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Visiting Portage Riverwalk Pavilion

Portage Pavilion
The Portage Riverwalk Pavilion, Portage Indiana

Visit Lake Michigan and see the natural beach setting. Less crowded than the other National Dunes Lakeshore parks. I was visiting the Portage Riverwalk Pavilion in Portage Indiana. The day the photo was taken it was very foggy over Lake Michigan. As you approach the park it can be confusing. Be sure to follow signs carefully. I got lost going there. when arriving it looks like an entrance to a factory.  Beautiful place and not as busy as the Dunes National park.

The first thing you notice are deadwood on the shore. It is there on purpose to protect the ecosystem. You might be tempted to move the logs but don’t. This beach is a great place to hang out peacefully without large crowds. Very isolated and has a walkway. Boats go in and out of the marina.

There is a long walkway toward the lake where you can fish off the rocks. I saw many fisherman there. As of now the beach is closed to swimming due to bacteria levels. Hopefully that won’t be long. Even so there are great hiking trails and natural dunes hills and valleys to explore. Bring a camera for great shots!

I recommend taking a jacket in case the fog comes back.  The landscape is awesome for photos. It is a small hike but worth the drive. Below is a map and directions to the park.

Valparaiso Indiana Courthouse Photos

Panorama views

This is my panorama view of the Valparaiso Indiana Courthouse.

Valparaiso Indiana Courthouse South View
Valparaiso, Indiana Courthouse South View

I just got a new lens for my Nikon 3100 and decided to take some photos at downtown Valparaiso. I took these pictures of the courthouse. I use Adobe photoshop to complete the panorama.

Valparaiso Courthouse West view
Valparaiso Indiana Courthouse West View

I created a photo merge in photoshop to get a panorama view. I liked the way the perspective came out in the final result. I did photoshop out tree branches to clean it up.

The courthouse is an icon of the city of Valparaiso. Please comment if you like this shot.