Item 4 – Advisory Business

Fortney Investment Advisors, Inc. (hereinafter “FIA”), a Nevada Corporation incorporated on October 2, 2001, is a fee only investment advisor for our clients. We do not receive any income in connection with acting as your advisor except for the fees we charge as described below. We receive no commissions, referral fees, finders’ fees or other cash compensation or benefits. Kenneth L. Fortney CPA/PFS is the sole principal owner.

Investment Management Services 

FIA manages investment portfolios for individuals, including IRA accounts, high net worth individuals, qualified retirement plans and charitable institutions and foundations. FIA will work with the client to determine the client’s investment objectives and investor risk profile and will design a written investment policy statement. FIA uses investment and portfolio allocation software to evaluate portfolio designs. FIA evaluates the client’s existing investments with respect to the client’s investment policy statement. FIA works with new clients to develop a plan to transition from the client’s existing portfolio to the desired portfolio. FIA will then continuously monitor the client’s portfolio holdings and the overall asset allocation strategy and hold regular review meetings with the client regarding the account as necessary.

FIA will typically create a portfolio of no-load mutual funds, and may use model portfolios if the models match the client’s investment policy. FIA will allocate the client’s assets among various investments taking into consideration the overall management style selected by the client. FIA primarily recommends portfolios consisting of no load mutual funds offered by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA sponsored mutual funds follow a passive asset class investment philosophy with low portfolio turnover. Consequently, the DFA fund fees are generally lower than fees and expenses incurred by other types of funds. FIA manages mutual funds and equity portfolios on a discretionary or nondiscretionary basis.

FIA may also recommend laddered bond and/or certificate of deposit portfolios to advisory clients. FIA will typically request discretionary authority from advisory clients to manage fixed income assets. Discretionary authority may be necessary to enable FIA to purchase such assets in a timely manner when they are available at quoted prices.

As of December 31, 2015, FIA manages $26 million on a discretionary basis.