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About Fortney Investment Advisors, Inc.


Kenneth L. Fortney
Kenneth L. Fortney CPA/PFS

Fortney Investment Advisors, Inc. (FIA) is a registered investment advisor (RIA) in the State of Nevada. It is owned and operated by Kenneth L. Fortney CPA/PFS. FIA is a fee only (non-commission) RIA providing investment advisory and management services. A firm brochure and current client references are available upon request. FIA may be contacted at 1-775-786-5045, or by e-mail at ken@fortneyadvisors.com

Investment Strategy

FIA specializes in passive and index portfolio management employing diversified asset class funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), Vanguard, ETFs, individual laddered bond positions, and individual securities. Passive investment management is the practical application of four decades of academic research on investment management and portfolio performance. Passive management offers many benefits including a sound empirical basis, very low cost, broad diversification, specified risk/return ratios, and tax efficiency. Occasionally, active strategies are employed with passive investment vehicles, like sector funds. Securities may be held in taxable accounts or tax-deferred accounts like IRAs and profit sharing plans. FIA has a minimum account size of $500,000.

Management Services

Portfolios are designed and managed to match the particular investment needs of each client. Factors such as age, years to retirement, income, taxes, risk tolerance, and total asset allocation are considered. This process may involve a written portfolio analysis and financial plan. If clients have pre-existing portfolios, changes are made only if existing investments are in inappropriate asset classes, risk/return ratios are inappropriate, or internal operating costs are too high. Investment decisions are made jointly with clients before trades are placed unless they wish otherwise. At the beginning of each quarter, four times per year, clients receive a written portfolio evaluation and portfolio restructuring or rebalancing, if required.

Broker/Dealer Relationships

Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. is our primary custodian although Fidelity Investments (Fidelity) may also be used. FIA does not take custody of the assets. FIA receives no reimbursement or compensation of any kind from any custodian.

Management Fees

FIA is a fee only advisor. Fees are based upon a percentage of assets under management (AUM). The services provided includes financial planning, access to institutional equity funds and bond markets, quarterly reviews, rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, and tax planning. Generally, ongoing management makes the most sense for accounts of $500,000 or larger.


A list of current client references is available upon request.