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To my visitors, I want to welcome you here. I’ve created this blog to present many of my interests in technology, education, popular culture and travel interests. Please feel free to comment or add to my posts if you are interested. I am always seeking out interesting topics to add to this blog. Your feedback or comments would be a valuable addition to this website.

I have some posts that are my own, but most are linked from other contributors that interest me .  I use linkedin for most of my social media. You can find out more about my background there.

I plan as time will allow me to develop a creative space where outlets of interest can be explored. This would not be possible if an audience is not involved. I encouage those who want to  add to or contribute content to this website. There is no set requirement to contribute as long as it is decient for veiwers of all backgrounds and diversity.

Also, as a note, I want to dedicate my website at this time to mention the passing of a very good friend of mine. William Brian Waugh (1965-2018). He passed away this March 12th, 2018. He was a good friend and brother. May his soul rest in peace.  He was far too young to leave us. My thoughts go to his family.  Goodbye old friend.

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Mark Fortney

Mark Fortney: Career and Technical Education /Instructional Design